Creative Design

I love glass and the variety of shapes it’s molded into. So whenever I notice a shape I like, whether it’s encasing a candle, spice, balm or moisturizer, I hold onto it.


The glass jar holding my mini beach, was originally full of Pink Himalayan Salt. I purchased it at Marshalls. ROSS, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx always have uniquely shaped jars full of spices. Find a similar jar here.

The sand and seashells within, and the starfish, were all found in Florida.

Ben and I visit his family in Florida over the winter holidays, and we always go to the beautiful Anna Maria Island. I wanted a practical souvenir, so our first trip to AMI I returned home with some sand from the beach. And now each year we visit, I pick up a seashell.

The starfish was purchased at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens’ gift shop.


Mermaid card

Mermaid figurine

The gorgeous art deco napkin holder has been turned into a “what I’m reading now” book holder. Find it at IKEA .




Interior design doesn’t have to break the bank.

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