Rhythm of Creation

I sit above the crowded streets,
The wind gentle on my face
It moves the tendrils of my hair, caressing my cheek like a lover would.
It moves the leaves and flowers,
Sending them singing in a mere whisper
The sun charms the clouds to let it peek through, to shine its rays upon those below
Compliant the clouds part, and sunshine pours through
Its warmth makes life hazy,my feet are coaxed out of their shoes
I wiggle my toes in its beams of light and watch the bees buzz by
They’re busy at work, flitting tirelessly from lilac to daisy,
Each stem valuable to their day’s work
The hours have passed, the moon wants its turn, to rule the sky unrivaled
The bright yellow sun, dips low behind the horizon, red and orange rays announce its departure.
I sit above the bustling streets, the warmth of day turns to cool night
The breeze grows bolder, rustling trees and chilling my skin,
My toes seek the shelter of their home
I slide on my shoes, deeply breathing in the scent of evening meals cooking
The bees have gone, the night has fallen,
The moon charms the clouds to part.
It rules the darkness, it calls out the stars, they all wish to say good eve and goodnight

Published by Prncsslyssa

Big heart, big hair, big smile, big dreams

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