Life So Majestic

Oh to live among the clouds!

So glorious

So majestic

A landscape of fluffy white terrain

Plains of ever-changing glory

Sloped hills of condensed rain

Tops and peaks, brightened by the sun

Row after row of sun kissed range

Mountains in the sky

Beauty that brings tears to your eyes

unexplainable, unimaginable—

The grace of their Creator

Mounds of glory

Volcanoes of fluff, 

Erupting streaks into the sky—

Its blue, lightened by the misty influence of wintery-white, solidified mist

Such magnanimous glory,

Such varied and surreal beauty—

Such majesty that could only come from above

It’s no wonder we dream and utter conjecture—the Heavens lie within this terrain

This land above land

This land in the great depths of the cerulean skies

Whom but our Lord could reside in such splendor?

Whom but our Creator could dare call this dreamspace home?

The Earth below, 

Full of wonders beyond imagining—

Splendiferous in its own right,

Still pales in contrast, to the wonders seen aloft in flight


Watch the video here

Published by Prncsslyssa

Big heart, big hair, big smile, big dreams

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