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A vlog about positive thinking & becoming your better self, through reflection and self-love.

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MindFULL Thoughts

MindFULLiving with Prncsslyssa PREMIER

Practicing Self-Love Pt. 1

Practicing Self-Love Pt. 2

Go Easy On Yourself

Erasure and Inclusion

Tips For Joy & Connection

The Power of Yoga & Seeking Truth Pt. 1

The Power of Yoga & Seeking Truth Pt. 2

Understanding Codependency

Accept People On Your Own Terms


Prncsslyssa Poetry: Life So Majestic

Prncsslyssa Poetry: Cheers to the Sky

Prncsslyssa Poetry: Yonip

Plantation Wife

Vegan Recipes

Prncsslyssa’s Kitchen: Turmeric Latte

Prncsslyssa’s Kitchen: Dual Pizzas


SSOG: Memorializing Sandy

SSOG: Memorializing Willie McCoy

Prncsslyssaart: Saltwater Taffy

Life Vlog

PrncsslyssaNai Adventures: Along the East River

PrncsslyssaTravels: SoCal Holiday Hometown Visit

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