Painted Glass

Painted Glass was envisioned out of a love for the Earth. Recycling is so easy and fun!

There are so many beautifully shaped glass containers already in the world, so why not give them a second chance?

We all deserve second chances

So let’s celebrate the beauty of transformation my friends!

*Artwork painted with fingers, sponges, & occasional brush

A candle jar turned into a sunrise seascape | $325

A candle jar turned into a cozy kitty scene | $250

A cinnamon jar turned into a swirl of pastels | $100

A coffee bottle turned into a field of blooms $125

A hot sauce bottle turned into a mini seascape of a cresting wave | $75

A castor oil bottle turned into a charming winter scene | $125

*Each unique piece is double sealed for preservation of your art & comes with original lid

Please keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading and do not get wet

Listings coming soon

A Sauerkraut jar turned into a woodland scene $400

Beach Baby

Springtime Lovin

Bloomin’ Bong

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