Acrylic Paintings

*Shipping + Handling not included in listed prices

Enchanted Marsh | 5×7 ” (1/16″ thick)| Acrylic Painting on a Wood Block

This abstract painting of a gorgeous marsh, swirling with varying tones of green and aqua, is set on a black background, making the rich colors pop! Get lost in its magic as you imagine traipsing through its murky water teeming with sea life.


“Saltwater Taffy” | 18×24″ | Acrylic on Canvas

Journey with me into this serene pastel seascape for a little sailing, whale watching or simply basking in the sun with our toes in the deep purple sand. | ***Custom timelapse video of creation available for $10 w/ purchase


“Enchanted Lagoon” | 11×14″ | Acrylic on Canvas

Journey to a magical world rich with brightly colored fronds and captivating deep green waters.


“Lindiwe, The Cloudfaery Queen” | 12×16″ | Acrylic on Oval Canvas

Queen of the Clouds and ruler of the skies, Lindiwe is a beautiful treasure and part of my SeaFaery collection. **Custom timelapse video of creation available for $10 w/ purchase


“Polynesian Paradise”| 11×14” | Acrylic on Canvas

Submerge yourself in the clear and breathtaking waters of the Polynesian waters, basking in the beauty of the Indigenous created sport of surfing, as the pair skim the ocean’s surface and plunge into its violet depths.


“Jazzy Ba-by” | 11×14″ | Ink + Acrylic + Cotton Balls + Glitter Embellishments

Ink and acrylic blend together harmoniously in this abstract jazz scene, just like the vocals and array of instruments within this musical genre. Enjoy this beautiful mixed media painting in the light or in the night, when shadows fall across the singer’s lovely locks made from cotton balls, creating an authentic feel.


A Winter’s Eve | 12×12″ | Acrylic on Black Canvas

Stroll down Park Ave in New York’s winter wonderland, decorating the world in crisp white.


Mini Brooklyn Bridge | 4×4″ and 1″ deep | Acrylic on a Wood Block

I love New York! 🗽💕 Part of that love comes from enjoying ferry rides that provide gorgeous views of the “City That Never Sleeps,” like this iconic New York scene. This mini acrylic painting of the Brooklyn Bridge doesn’t disappoint in its soft blue and purple tones, accented with the crisp white of the clouds and sea foam. Giving you a view of the bridge from all angles, this mini painting features 360 degrees of artwork, as the painting covers all edges of the block, making it ideal to hang without a frame.


Seafaery at Sunrise | 18×24″ | Acrylic on Black Canvas

This hypnotizing seafaery gazes back upon her admirers as she takes in the sunrise.


“I Am Water” (The Healing Series) limited prints now available!

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