Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

Separate me from you,

they could never do it

You’re a part of me—

Though you were ripped from me,

I sought you


In my soul…I felt you 

I saw your beauty

I saw your grace

I heard your lulling chant deep within my throat 

I felt your call to dance 

A spirit-connected daughter of the land 

With braided hair, 

I glimpsed long passed ancestors

With lift of chin,

I witnessed the strength of Courage’s stare

The height of a cheekbone

The soul connection with Mama Earth 

My soul dwells here

Separation by blade

Separation by erasure

theft of language

theft of bodies and culture,

You aimed to blot out my people’s history

Lips oozing with fabricated tales of gore, 

They cloaked us as savages wrapped in mystery

But the river told me a different story

The hills sang a different tune

The wind pushed me in a new direction 

The sun warmed me up to the truth 

I heard you dear ancestors

I witnessed your power


Reclaim your heritage 

These stories are yours

These treasures passed on words we whisper into the wind

Keep your heart listening in earnest

We will speak in tongues they couldn’t sever 

For we are warriors,

Forever resilient

Forever one with the land

ASL | 3.23.20

Published by Prncsslyssa

Big heart, big hair, big smile, big dreams

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