About the Artist

Born and raised in Long Beach and Compton, California, Alyssa Smith-Lee has been creating art since the age of five.  Though self-taught, her work is heavily influenced by the techniques and naturalism of both Bob Ross and Claude Monet. 

Smith-Lee completed a BA in Communications at CSU-Dominguez Hills before moving to the Bay Area where she worked in Digital Advertising.  Tired of being a lone Black voice in her career, she relocated to NYC, where she began pursuing art as a full-time career, establishing Peace of Kingdom and Prncsslyssaart in April 2018.

Smith-Lee is versed in several mediums, but oil, acrylic, ink, and watercolor are her preferred materials.  Using her fingers, brushes, and sponges, Smith-Lee explores textures and colors as a way to bring peace and joy to viewers.

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