Orange Lemon Chicken with Parsley 

4 skinless boneless chicken thighs | 1 Orange (Cutie) | Lemon juice | One squirt of lime juice
Himalayan Pink Salt | Pepper | Cayenne pepper | Garlic powder | Crushed Garlic Paste
Couple sprigs of Parsley | Butter | Olive oil
Wash chicken
Add olive oil and crushed garlic into skillet and turn stove to med heat
Place chicken in skillet and season
Cut slices of your cutie orange into 3’s and squeeze the juice of a couple before tossing them in with the chicken
Toss left over (unsqueezed) slices in pan
Cook about 4 mins
Flip over, cover with lid and simmer on low heat 9 mins
Add more olive oil and some water
Squirt some lime juice over chicken
Turn heat to med high until sauce boils
Let it boil about 3 mins
Then flip chicken over
Add two thin slices of butter and some sprigs of parsley to skillet
Cover and cook 10mins on low heat



Mine was juicy, but I prefer a more seared texture.
To sear chicken, place pieces into another skillet with a little olive oil and cook each side about 2 mins. Do not overcook or your chicken will dry out.

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