Fresh features

  Cateyes in black, blush and shimmer highlights, are my staples. I like to keep my makeup simple, natural and fresh. I believe in makeup’s ability to enhance, not hide your lovely God-given features. I also believe in sticking with your favorite products once you find them, and that quality doesn’t have to mean breakingContinue reading “Fresh features”

Creative Design

I love glass and the variety of shapes it’s molded into. So whenever I notice a shape I like, whether it’s encasing a candle, spice, balm or moisturizer, I hold onto it. The glass jar holding my mini beach, was originally full of Pink Himalayan Salt. I purchased it at Marshalls. ROSS, Marshalls, and TJContinue reading “Creative Design”

Lemon Parmesan Brussel Sprouts

1lb Brussel sprouts-Farmer’s Market Organic Coconut oil-Target Lemon juice-Ralphs Grated Parmesan cheese-Trader Joes Crushed Garlic-Trader Joes Pepper-Smart & Final Himilayan Pink Salt-Ross and also at Trader Joes Whenever sauteing, I almost always start the same way Pull out a skillet that’s large enough that your sprouts aren’t crowded upon each other Turn heat to mediumContinue reading “Lemon Parmesan Brussel Sprouts”