Anger, Beckys and Karens

Dearest Friends, While reviewing “Plantation Wife” for a book of poetry I’m compiling, my cousin remarked, “You have a lot of anger towards white women.” It wasn’t an accusation, it was an observation. Stemmed in truth I hadn’t recognized. I sat with her comment and began to explore and reflect on my relationship with anger,Continue reading “Anger, Beckys and Karens”

Under Siege

Dearest friends, I had a dress code until I was 28 years old. What was physically forced on me then became my choice, as it was forced within my psyche. A year and a half ago, at 31 years old,  I told myself I was beautiful, and I actually believed it for the very firstContinue reading “Under Siege”

Diversity over Color

Dearest friends, Driving through the beautiful lushness of Costa Rica, my longtime friend asked me a question that has stayed in my mind even now, five years later. “If you hadn’t gone to an all-white school, do you think you’d be dating a white guy?” I’d been asked similar versions of this question whenever mentioningContinue reading “Diversity over Color”


Letters From a Woke Woman: Conditioned    Dear Friend, I’m 31 years old and I’m just beginning to find my sexuality. There’s not necessarily a specific age where one “finds” it, but for me it was a journey—with delays. Village People We know every school has their own unique set of problems. Well, my Jr./Sr. highContinue reading “Conditioned”