Skinny Extra Dark Chocolate Chip Nana Muffins

Is your mouth watering yet? If it isn’t, just wait til these babies are baking up nice and golden in the oven. Your house will smell like heaven! I procured this skinny muffin recipe from Ambitious Kitchen, but naturally adapted it as I always do, cutting the sugar factor just a bit. *I have nowContinue reading “Skinny Extra Dark Chocolate Chip Nana Muffins”

Piña Nana Smoothie

Enjoy a refreshing island inspired treat! I love smoothies as snacks, as they fill me up, are low calorie, and contain only natural sugars 💛💛💛 7 fresh pineapple chunks 1 1/2 bananas 3/4c rice milk 5 ice cubes unless you’re using frozen fruit 1/4c quaker oats Dash of cinnamon (optional) 1/2tbsp coconut sugar *Add lessContinue reading “Piña Nana Smoothie”